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Filmora Video Editor crack 2020


  • Regularly updated
  • Built-in step-by-step guide
  • Import files from the connected camera
  • High resolution videos editing
  • Support multiple audio formats


  • Not applicable to Windows XP, Vista
  • Free version added Filmora watermark
  • The full version has a wider range of functions

Anyone can find out about a quarter of an hour in this program. The end result always looks good, but if you use the free version of it, your footage will be watermarked. Creators positioned the software as an alternative to Apple iMovie or Windows movie producers.

Wondershare video editor provides many useful functions, such as overlay, animation and GIF images, music and video text and other elements. In addition, it provides tools that allow users to crop material, increase or decrease the size of clips or adjust all clips to a specific play time. You will also use the tilt shift function to blur some parts of the video, eliminate noise in movies and audio, etc.

Filmora review

Its interface is based on the principle of “all tools are in front of you”. It will attract many beginners who do not like conventional video editing software and have complicated tool configurations. I researched the program and probably defined all interesting functions.

Very simple interface

Most interfaces provide all tools and functions, such as adding text and transitions, applying filters and exporting clips.

Various video editing modes

When you start Filmora for the first time, you will get four entry points into four editing modes, and their names indicate the main goals of the program: action cam, full function, instant cutter and simple mode.

Unfortunately, you cannot switch to another mode after entering one mode. You want to restart the application. For example, the “Action Cam” mode contains the tools required for this type in three modules (“Fixed”, “Speed” and “Color”).

Record video

You can record video through webcam or PC screen in this video editing software. You will also record voice. The video file will be automatically added to the library, you just need to drag it to the timeline.

How to Edit Videos using Filmora Video Editor?

In the beginning, learning video editing is often overwhelming. There are many things you can concentrate on. But mastering video editing is undoubtedly an achievable task.

Even if video editing equipment can be used in essence, it is almost impossible to break down all the video editing tips and tricks in one guide.

  • However, after reading this final guide, you will learn:
  • How to choose video editing software
  • Review video editing resources to master the video yourself.

Since this is usually the ultimate guide on how to edit videos, it takes a few minutes to read. I summarize the information in the following three sections.

Things to consider before deciding to find a way to edit a video.
The post-production process requires you to be prepared, and to accurately understand the material you want to shoot and the material you want to capture. Sometimes, if you are capturing a screenshot video, the camera or computer may affect your choice of video editing software, because Filmora video editor crack download if the material being edited is in a format that the video editor does not recognize, you must find another software. Let ’s take a look at other aspects of the video editing process. Before you start making your first video, you need to think about it.

What kind of video do you can make with this amazing software?

Do you want to make a short movie or a movie lasting twenty minutes? Knowing exactly what video content is to be formed will help you narrow down the scope of the video editing software and enable you to understand the editing tools you need before you start editing.

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System requirements for video editing

The performance your computer can provide will severely limit the range of video editing software options you can use.

Over the years, the desktop configuration of PC computers has become more and more powerful, but Mac computers are still a better choice for video editing because Mac OS is optimized to enhance the performance of computer hardware components. Although the 2017 Mac Pro is expensive, it is one of the highest choices for video editing computers.

If the software you choose has a demanding list of technical specifications, you only need to confirm that your device meets each of these requirements.

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